Want To Get Rid of Stretch Marks? Here Is The Home Remedy That You Need!!!

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Made from the nut of the shea tree, shea butter has been proven to have a lot of great properties. It helps produce collagen, moisturizes, fights inflammation and is hypoallergenic. Knowing this, shea butter has become cosmetic companies’ golden child.

Want To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks  Here Is The Home Remedy That You Need


  • Shea butter – This is a skin “superfood” that deep moisturizes, heals, and helps with skin regeneration.
  • Cocoa butter – It’s a high quality emolient, very moisturizing for skin.
  • Coconut oil – I love coconut oil for stretch marks; it supports tissue healing and repairs and softens skin.
  • Vitamin E oil – This quality ingredient promotes healing.
  • Lavender essential oil – It’s believed to have anti-inflammatory properties (plus it is relaxing and smells good).


  • Mix together 2 tablespoons each of shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil.
  • Add 10 drops of vitamin E oil.
  • Place mixture in a thick bottomed pan and stir over low heat until melted.
  • When the mixture is melted, whip with a whisk and then remove from heat.
  • Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil and whip until well mixed.
  • Store stretch mark cream in an airtight container like a small jelly jar or mason jar.

Massage the stretch mark cream regularly on any area where you want to avoid stretch marks. (I recommend the tummy, sides, breasts, and tops of thighs.)

While this makes a good amount of a salve or cream (it’s sort of a mix between the two), you could double the above recipe to have even more on hand.